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What is Panchakarma ?

Pancha is Sanskrit stands for five & karma are the therapeutic measures.Thearefore panchakarma means five types of therapeutic measures as follow, Vamana(Emisis through herbs) Virechana(Purgation through herbs)Basti(Medicated enemas)Nasya(Nasal administration of oils) & rakthamokshana.(cleansing of the blood with leeches. 
Panchakarma treatment aims of removal of dosha from the place of their origin so as to break the vicious circle & there by aims of the radical eradication of the diseases process. 

These are undertaken for the purification of the body & ayurveda considers it necessary before the start of any other therapy. The panchakarma therapy of ayurveda is five basic types of advanced treatment for evacuation of vitiated dosha (toxic matertials) from the body.


Our vision is to provide Quality medicine, Safe attention, Kind & Professional service to the society from the sri lankas Ayurveda whilst ensuring trust from sri lankas to whole nation.

Bethesda ayurveda has started in 2014 with the opening of one of the Aurveda Clinic with well organized panchakarma cure packages , Body constitutional diagnosis ( prakurthi) rejuvenation & aphrodisiac clinic, daily experienced ayurveda doctor consultation,Ayurveda base meals,auurveda life style management, yoga meditation, ayurveda beauty care & wellness treatments. bethesda ayurveda welcoming with healing hands,caring hearts with experienced female male therapist to serve a full range of authentic ayurveda needs.

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